A Claymation Easter is a 1992 stop-motion short film by Will Vinton. The special won an Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program.


  • Will Vinton Presents A Claymation® Easter
  • Screenplay by: Barry Bruce, Mark Gustafson, Ryan Holznagel
  • Music by: Mark Mothersbaugh
  • Producer: Paul Diener
  • Director: Mark Gustafson
  • Executive Producer: Will Vinton
  • Director Of Photography: Bruce McKean
  • Set Design: Douglas Kelly
  • Principal Animators: Kyle Bell, Chuck Duke, Tony Merrithew, Ray Nelson Jr., Jean G. Poulot, John Ashlee Prat
  • Additional Animation: Doug Aberle, Jeffrey Bost, Joel Brinkerhoff, Mark Gustafson, Hal Hickel, John Logue
  • Set & Model Builders: Jeffrey Bost, Schell Hickel, Karen Hout, Janet Karecki, Sheila Lucas, Scott Nordlund, Tim Tanner
  • Main Character Design: Gairy Bialke, Sheila Lucas, Robert C. Terrell II
  • Additional Music: Jamie Haggerty - Newton/Bard Music
  • Principal Voices: Tim Conner, Jim Cummings, Michele Mariana, Todd Tolces
  • Story: Barry Bruce, James Mangold, Will Vinton
  • Film Editor: Scott Sundholm
  • Storyboard Artist: Jay Dee Alley
  • Computer & Sound FX's: Robert C. Terrell II and Jamie Haggerty
  • Technical Support: Jamie Haggerty, Richard Malinowski, Jim McAllister, Skeets McGrew, Gary McRobert, Charlie Rehwalt
  • Sound Editors: Kelley Baker and Patrick Winters
  • Assistant Editors: Parker Logan, Tom Sheft, Brian Lindstrom
  • Re-Recording: Sharpe Sound Studios
  • © 1991 Will Vinton Productions
  • Claymation® Is The Registered Trademark Of Will Vinton Productions, Inc.
  • The Use Of The Mark Is Prohibited Without Consent Of Will Vinton Productions, Inc.
  • Will Vinton Productions, Inc.
  • Claymation®