Another Bad Thanksgiving

Another Bad Thanksgiving originally aired in 2010 and is the 2nd Thanksgiving episode of The Cleveland Show!


Donna’s show-off and bossy sister, Janet, and her unruly children come to town to celebrate Thanksgiving with the Browns. Cleveland, still bruised by their past, wants nothing to do with her this Thanksgiving and attempts to drive her out. However, his plan backfires when Janet and Holt fall in love after a night of sex and they run off to Las Vegas to get married. When Donna finds out she has left them with her boys, Donna insists they go to Vegas where she confronts Janet and tells her that Holt's feelings are real and not to be thrown away on one of her whims. During their vows, she realizes exactly what Donna had been trying to tell her and calls off the wedding, telling Holt she'll still come around for sex once in awhile. While in Vegas, Rallo and Cleveland Jr. stumble upon a winning slot machine and find a woman of age to cash it in for them in exchange for an “escort” around town and to dinner.


  • The O'Jays "For the Love of Money" plays when Rallo, Junior and their Escort go shopping.

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