Hooray for Chanukah is the Hanukkah episode of Angela Anaconda.


It's Chanukah and Chanukah is Gina's favorite time of the year. Everyone seems to be happier and full of holiday spirit. Of course, the latkes are pretty good too! Every year the town celebrate the last night of Chanukah at Mapperson's bakery. This year, Angela and the gang are helping her grandmother's gigantic antique menorah to the festivities. Along the way they get hungry and decide to stop for special latke pizza at Abatti's. They ask Johnny's uncle Nicky to watch the menorah while they eat. He obliges but ends up gambling it away during one of the many dreidel games. By the time the children catch up to the person who won the menorah, it's been pawned. The kids race to the pawnshop but now the menorah has been sold to Spangley Jangles. Angela refuses to give up. They convince Spangley to give them the menorah back. But on their way to Mapperson's, they forget the menorah on the bus! Somehow the menorah ends up in Nanette's hands and the Maniors use it for a chandelier! Angela knows that a miracle is what Chanukah is all about and a miracle is just what Tapwater Springs could use right about now.

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