Directed by: Paul Miller
Written by: Howard Meyers
Diane Wilk
Release date: May 16, 1994
Running time: 22 minutes
Rating: TV-G
Available on: DVD

"I Don't Remember Mama" is a Mother's Day-themed episode of the CBS sitcom The Nanny, originally aired during the show's first season. The episode title is named after the RKO drama film I Remember Mama.


With Mother's Day approaching, Maxwell arranges for the entire family to join a country club to deflect attention away from Sarah. Fran and Grace enter a mother-daughter pageant. During rehearsal for the pageant, a competitive mother alerts the heads of the pageant that Fran is not Grace's mother, causing Grace to break down and cry that her mother is dead. Fran and Maxwell comfort her and learn that the real problem is that Grace does not remember her mother. Fran and Grace perform in the pageant and get second place. Patti LaBelle performs in the pageant. The whole family then watches home movies featuring Sarah as a true Mother's Day celebration, during which Grace remembers a moment with her mother.


The episode was made available on The Nanny: The Complete 1st Season DVD, released on July 12, 2005.

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