Justin Bunnell i'm Not the 1st creator of Signing Cards but 1 of them and the real one in Ga Signature Warner Robins Northside Highschool Version Of Iron Man,Let It Go Jennifer Hale/Arnold Schwarzenegger's Freeze in Hale Batman Dracula Holiday Jokes and Christmas Cards Gender: Male Roles: Entertainer/Singer/Comedian/Real Life Impressionist of 1000 Voices Notable works: Frozen,Grinch,Lots Of Singer/Actor Impressions Notable Creations With Other People Jennifer Hale/others Let It Go,Jennifer Hale Frosty the Snowman Dean Martin Songs,Boris Karloff's Narrator Lines,Fred Mercury/Alyssa Milano's Ironman also known as Justin Light Adam Bunnell Which Became His Job then Santa Claus For 11 Years,Selena Gomez/Hamilton Camp Dracula I Thought I told You Go Get Christmas Jokes Kathleen Barr/Robin Bell/Kim Kardashian's Merry Christmas Police Cop on Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer/Selena Gomez/Brad Garrett/Graeme Kingston 's Santa Ho Ho Jennifer Hale/Arnold Schwarzenegger's Freeze in Hale Batman/Frosty,Jennifer Hale/others's Freeze Freeze Song Notable Creations Inspector Gadget Pizza Rap,Signing on Hallmark Cards in Ga for 11 Years under Justin Light Adam Bunnell,Frozen/other Christmas College Picture Staple Projects With Stan Lee,ect Ironman is How a Gift to People in Stores for Christmas Gifts Because the one that Created it as a Action Figure is George Lucas/others toy creators

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