Directed by: Don Corvan
Written by: Tony Sheehan
Release date: January 6, 1989
Running time: 22 minutes
Rating: TV-G

"New Year's" is a New Year's-themed episode of the ABC sitcom Mr. Belvedere, originally aired during the show's fifth season.


Wesley and Heather talk their parents into letting them throw a New Year's party and to get Mr. Belvedere out of the house they set him up with the Hufnagel's housekeeper, Ilsa. However, the two of them begin to neglect their housework when they start spending all of their time together and Mr. Belvedere realizes that things are getting more serious than intended so he tries to fend off her advances. Meanwhile, Kevin becomes an unwelcome houseguest when he falls ill and Marsha becomes his personal nurse.

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