No Thanksgiving is the Thanksgiving episode of Angela Anaconda.


Gina Lash invites Angela to the annual Thanksgiving Lash Bash, but Angela declines because the Anaconda household believes Thanksgiving is for family and so with her family, Angela will stay. And though Angela loves her family, she does not enjoy spending Thanksgiving with them. The Anacondas have never had a successful Turkey Day no matter how hard they've tried. However, this year, they've decided to try harder. Each family member will concentrate on making the perfect Thanksgiving dish. Angela gets to be in charge of helping. Things start out smoothly, until her archenemy Nanette Manior briefly appears, coughing up a storm. Nanette parts and all Anacondas but Angela come down with the stomach flu! Thanksgiving is ruined again. Angela decides to crash the Las Bash but Gina will not permit Angela in. Angela is contagious and could get everyone else sick. But Gina would never let Angela down. Just as the festive day seems to be at its bleakest, Gina leaves a full dinner at the Anaconda door. Angela's family makes a miraculous recovery and there is reason to be thankful.

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