Tribute To Santa No Will Ferell and No Tom Kenney

{{character |image = SantaClaus.jpg Creators Clement Moore/Louis Prang/Walt Kelly/Thomas Nast/Norman Rockwell Actors Like Tim Allen/Ed Asner/Richard Attenborough/Steve Guttenberg/Tom Hanks/Mickey Rooney/William Shatner/Alec Baldwin/Paul Frees/Hal Smith/Jim Cummings/George Buza/Edmund Gwenn/Jonathan Taylor Thomas/Paul Giamatti/Billy Bob Thornton/Ben Affleck/Dan Aykroyd/John Goodman/Fred Astaire/Leslie Niesen/Peter Cullen/Andy Griffith/James Earl Jones/George Hamilton/Mel Blanc/Sebastian Cabot/Graeme Kingston/Selena Gomez/Brad Garrett/Others/lots of Singers and Justin Bunnell the Impressionist of 1000 Voices

Justin is is Well Known For My Fred Murcury School Version Of Ironman/Highlander,Jackson Beck/Kim Hyuna/Selena Gomez Pizza and Other Raps/Selena Gomez's Dracula/My Ashley Tisdale and Jennifer Hale/Christy Romano/Kylie Kardashian Impressions,But I Can Impersonate and do other things too Not Bad for the Straightest Guy Period

for Santa Stuff Raps Like a Inspector Gadget Christmas One ,Songs Like Dean Martin Jingle Bells/Let It Snow/I'll Be Home for Christmas/Baby It's Cold Outside/Boris Karloff Not only That Jennifer Hale/others Let It Go From Frozen I'm Also an Real Ex SantaClaus/Cupid for 11 Years Giving Cards,ect

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