The Easter Bunny Never Sleeps is a musical number from the 1971 Rankin/Bass Easter special, Here Comes Peter Cottontail.


There are tulips that need tending
And baskets that need mending
The jellybeans are piling up in heaps
There are eggs that need collecting
And hens who are expecting
In spring, the Easter Bunny never sleeps
There are bonnets that need sewing
And garden that need hoeing
Some chocolate chicks have broken out in peeps
There are colors that are running
And workers who are sunning
In spring, the Easter Bunny never sleeps
Bright and early Easter morning
All the work must be done
Eggs ready to roll in time for the fun
For, like Santa Claus, the bunny
Has got one single day
There are children waiting everywhere
There can be no delay
So get all those tulips tended
And every basket mended
It's not a game, we're playing this for keeps
Get those bows and ribbons tied on
For you will be relied on
Every spring, the Easter Bunny never sleeps!
Never sleeps!

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