Release date: October 7, 1989
Running time: 21 minutes
Available on: VHS

"Un-Valentine's Day" is a special Valentine's Day-themed episode of the Disney animated series The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.


Due to the fiasco last year, all those cards clogging up the woods... oiy... Rabbit blamed Pooh for the mess. Pooh says he can't help it, loves to show how much he cares... Rabbit has banned valentines day, following the Eeyore's example by giving no cards. Everyone promises not to give Valentines. Pooh is washing his hunny pots, when he hears a knock at the door. Someone had left him a full pot of hunny as a valentines gift. Pooh thinks it's from Piglet, but it's not. He gives the pot of Hunny to Piglet, and now Piglet feels he has to give Pooh a valentines gift. Pooh is disguised as a mailbox for secret valentines. Piglet had baked Pooh a valentines cake, and is carrying it to Pooh when Tigger bounces him. The cake bounces onto Owl. Owl thinks Piglet sent him the cake. However no one wants Rabbit to find out. The cake lands on Tigger and Tigger thinks Owl gave him a cake. Rabbit stuffs all the last year and discovers in horror that someone left him a valentine carrot. Pooh's disguise appears to be working... Gopher promises he's mail ordering a carburettor... Rabbit discovers the Pooh mail box as Piglet gets blown to them with his valentines heart he made to Pooh. Rabbit blames Pooh. Piglet confesses, but it wasn't him... He's not very good under pressure. They look amongst Rabbit's cards for one for Christopher Robin, as they think he left them gifts. They decide to plan a valentines play for Rabbit who decides to take charge. Rabbit gives Tigger flowers to give to Kanga and then kiss her, but he's terrified of that... Tigger closes his eyes and kisses Rabbit instead and Rabbit fires him. Tigger decides to take over the special defects... Piglet is Cupid, Bringer of love... Gopher's in a suit... Make up! It's show time! Christopher's seat is 13 D... Rabbit's Valentines day... created by Rabbit, from an original idea by Rabbit... Cupid crashes into the others. He forgets his lines, Owl prompts him, but lets go the string... I am Cuuupid!!! Cupid bumps the fan and Tigger's wind fan makes it terribly blustery... The whole stage gets blown away... I am Cuuupid!!! Rabbit thought it was ruined, but Christopher it - the best valentines ever. He gives then all cards. Pooh and Piglet walk home together. 'Lo Pooh... Eeyore left Pooh the hunny, felt bad not joining in the fun last year, wishing he could do something like that and he certainly did.

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