Directed by: Noam Pitlik
Written by: Lance Thompson
Brad Goldberg
Release date: February 14, 1986
Running time: 22 minutes
Rating: TV-G
Available on: DVD

"Valentine's Day" is a Valentine's Day-themed episode of the ABC sitcom Mr. Belvedere, originally aired during the show's second season.


Valentine's Day has one particular girl named Beth (Stacy Ferguson) going wild over Wesley, who does his best to try to avoid her. Meanwhile, Heather is let down after sending out tons of valentines, but gets none in return; that is, until a secret admirer begins sending her gifts. However, when her admirer reveals himself, she is less than thrilled. Meanwhile, Kevin gets a drumming gig with a musical group, but finds they're not quite up to his speed.


The episode was made available on the Mr. Belvedere: Season One & Two DVD set, released by Shout! Factory (under licence from 20th Century Fox) on March 17, 2009.

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